Why Us?

We have a small dynamic team

Our size means that all of our staff have an excellent understanding of the structure and ongoing activities of each of our companies. We have a large institution behind us. The Moore Stephens name is well respected worldwide as a leading accounting group with strategic offices providing trustee, corporate and advisory services.

We have access to services and expertise

Through Moore Stephens’ worldwide network of affiliated firms as well as other service providers, that we have carefully selected, we can provide for investment management services, tax advice, legal counsel and custody and banking services for the companies for which we act.

Continuity of management

When corporate structures are first set up there are often key administrative requirements. Over time these requirements can be overlooked especially where there is a lack of familiarity with a structure, either because of the volume of entities under administration or a high turnover of managers and administrators. Our size, systems, continuity of management, staff to clients ratio and communication between staff have allowed us to maintain an attention to these key administrative requirements that clients have come to appreciate.


We only administer companies and account for the assets held in them. We do not provide investment management services, custody or banking services or legal services to the companies for which we act nor do we receive any remuneration or other incentive fees from third party service providers.


Many people feel that confidentiality is more likely to be maintained by a smaller company that has the size to manage confidentiality issues. We have worked hard to ensure that this confidentiality is maintained.

The individuals, families and corporations we serve grow with us

A sign of a good service provider is that its clients entrust more and more of their assets to that service provider. That has been our experience.